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  • Weather Proof

    uPVC doesn’t conduct heat well therefore doesn’t transfer temperatures from inside to outside, or outside to inside. Up to 70% of heat is gained or lost through standard 3mm window panes and is lost with heat transfer through metal frames.

  • Sunlight

    We choose coated glass products that offer very high natural light transmission.The multifunctional coating minimises the need for artificial light and have excellent solar protection and thermal insulation.

  • Pollution

    uPVC windows and doors are extremely low maintenance and requiring little more than cleaning lubrication.Our doors and windows make your home more attractive and secure to avoid pollutants.

  • Sound Proof

    uPVC frames will provide superior protection from the noisy surrounding.Special noise reduction windows can even further insulate your home from noise.If your home is in the city or in the suburbs, there are lots of noise disrupt your serenity.

  • Termites

    We empowers you with tough windows and doors to win the fight against dust and noise pollution.Besides smooth installation, allow our professional team to assist you in selecting the best solutions.

  • Water Proof

    Rain water seepage can cause more damage and prove more costly than you think. uPVC windows ensures that accumulated rainwater flow out and waterproofed. Still arrangement prevents air pressure from pushing the rainwater indoors.

  • Salt Water

    Waterproof blinds ranges are a great choice for use in your kitchen or bathroom. The moisture resistant, easy to clean get a long lasting product. We offer a great range of windows and doors, available in plain fabrics.

  • Ecofriendly

    Our endeavour is to provide products which are not just the best in performance,but also safe, minimize the impact on environment. uPVC windows and doors never require sanding, painting or varnishing.

  • Durability

    The Bridon uPVC Windows provides uPVC windows and doors are tough, durable, special and high performance pvc keeping their glossy looks for many years to your building.

  • Energy Saving

    Bridon offer uPVC windows and doors the slim sightlines and large panes of thermally efficient glass, allows more sun light into the home that will decrease your energy bills. The huge panes of glass trap a thin layer of air, creating a thermal blanket.

  • Security

    Our windows, doors supply and fit all of our uPVC doors with compact multi-point locking systems, manufactured from the highest grade steel available. Complete peace of mind for yourself and family.

  • Fire Proof

    uPVC material, being naturally flame retardant throughout their product life, will not cause, support or enhance the development of fire.UPVC window and door systems offer considerable fire protection.

  • Humidity

    Our airtight strong fixtures withstand high velocity winds.It is extremely important for the window frame construction to have been acclimatised before the frames are put in place.

We Install windows & doors Smarter

Our uPVC windows and doors are fitted with high quality hardware. In order to make it work properly, all the moving parts should be checked at least once per year and lubricated if necessary. We guarantee the highest quality workmanship that will increase the value of your home. Over the years we have enhanced and improved the aesthetics of thousands of homes, creating indoor/outdoor entertaining areas with our doors and windows in Bangalore.

Bridon creates stunning
UPVC windows and doors

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All styles of Bridon uPVC windows are compatible with each other, allowing you to choose from countless combinations.

You will have an opportunity to select window and door styles that will beautify your home by accentuating its unique features. Our windows offer superior noise reduction and insulation from temperature changes.


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